Leveraging consumer brands to bring healthy lifestyle options to seniors

Leveraging consumer brands to bring healthy lifestyle options to seniors

At one time, the business of healthcare might have seemed impenetrable to outsiders. If an organization wasn’t directly connected to medicine, research, pharmaceuticals, health insurance and the like, there was no place for it. However, as stakeholders have recognized the assets those outside of the field can contribute, there has been a surge of collaborations and integrations that strengthen healthcare delivery, quality and outcomes.

For example, while physicians have long touted the benefits of physical activity, health plans also understand the value of including gym memberships or fitness programs as a benefit. Today, senior fitness programs are a popular benefit for Medicare Advantage enrollees and plans, offering members a cost-effective way to improve and maintain their health. SilverSneakers®, the leading fitness program for older adults, promotes greater health engagement and accountability through regular exercise and social opportunities, and has been proven to improve overall health and lower healthcare costs.

Leveraging consumer brands

In recent years, recognizable, consumer-facing brands have entered the fold as both consumers and healthcare experts have recognized a need for opportunities for healthcare services to be more integrated in typical consumer experiences. Today, meal delivery services, ride-sharing services, retailers and tech brands are seeking new ways to reach consumers with solutions to improve their health and well-being. It’s no secret that many consumers use fitness and healthcare apps, but it may be surprising that leading technology companies are also recognizing the potential to support the senior population through virtual and mobile solutions.

SilverSneakers understands the potential to leverage technology and recognizable consumer brands to enhance its own offerings. SilverSneakers recently announced that, starting in 2023, members in participating health plans are eligible for an Apple Fitness+ subscription at no additional cost. With a Fitness+ subscription, these SilverSneakers members will have access to 3,000-plus workouts and meditations, which will join SilverSneakers’ virtual suite of live and on-demand fitness and holistic health offerings, interest-based social connection opportunities, mental enrichment, personalized member content and a network of up to 22,000 fitness locations. The result is more opportunities for more members to experience the mental and physical benefits of exercise and meditation.

Apple Fitness+ enables SilverSneakers members to move how they want, where they want, using familiar technology. They can choose from workouts and meditations ranging from 5 to 45 minutes across 11 workout types, including dance, Pilates, strength and yoga, along with video and audio guided meditations to support cognitive health and stress relief. There are also workout programs with custom content, including Workouts for Older Adults, which helps users stay active at any age with a focus on strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and mobility.

The power of collaboration

So, as SilverSneakers becomes a more comprehensive program through its latest offering of Apple Fitness+, a brand that people know and love, it becomes even more enticing to health plans and their members, with greater potential to improve senior health. But what’s the benefit for Apple Fitness+? SilverSneakers has 18 million eligible members nationwide. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day, today’s seniors expect tech-enabled health options for everything from doctors’ appointments to wellness. Apple Fitness+ is committed to being the world’s most inclusive fitness subscription service, recognizing that today’s older adults are active and connected.

Fitness+ is designed to be welcoming and inclusive to all and to help users live a healthier day – no matter where they are on their fitness journey. The workouts and meditations are led by a diverse team of trainers, curated for a range of abilities, skill levels, ages and interests. Every Fitness+ studio workout includes modifications to accommodate all fitness levels, along with options for closed captioning and subtitles in six languages.

SilverSneakers has been a leader in the senior wellness space for 30 years and understands the unique needs and fitness preferences of older adults. Through this new offering, it is furthering its commitment to accessible fitness for seniors. SilverSneakers is the only senior fitness program that will offer Fitness+ in January through select Medicare Advantage plans.

While the exclusivity of healthcare may have served it well at one time, today, harnessing the strengths of disparate entities has the power for transformation. In this case, by linking two brands that are respected in their categories and have a shared vision, fitness can be a more approachable, accessible and fun pursuit for seniors. And when seniors embrace opportunities to be more physically and mentally well, everyone wins.

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