Fargo-Moorhead Muscle Health with Amanda Simmers of Inspire Fitness and Nutrition & Tessa Simmers, RD, Nutrition Coach

Fargo-Moorhead Muscle Health with Amanda Simmers of Inspire Fitness and Nutrition & Tessa Simmers, RD, Nutrition Coach

Amanda Simmers, Nutrition Coach, Owner of Inspire Fitness and Nutrition; Tessa Simmers, RD, Nutrition Coach

Amanda Simmers (photo by Sadie Swift) (left) & Tessa Simmers (photo courtesy of Tessa Simmers) (right)

Sister-in-law duo, Amanda and Tessa, share a passion for nutrition and exercise. Amanda graduated from NDSU with an education degree. After working as a preschool director for 14 years, she went back to school for personal training and nutrition coaching. She started the company almost 10 years ago, and Tessa joined her as a nutrition coach in January 2023. Tessa graduated from NDSU with a degree in food & nutrition and is currently a Registered Dietitian living in Fargo

Why is it important?
“Muscles are essential! They play a critical role in our bodies by keeping us alive and allowing us to interact with our world. Muscles are important for movement, stability, posture and many other functions. Strong, healthy muscles are critical for our overall health and wellness.”

3 Things You Should Know

1. Building muscle requires sufficient and consistent nutrition.

“It is very important that you fuel your body adequately with enough calories that include [the right amount of] protein, carbs and fat. Protein is the key nutrient to help recover and build those muscles. Carbs are your number one fuel source that will give you lasting energy during your workouts and fats help support hormone levels. Trendy diets can be appealing because they promise quick results, but they are restrictive in caloric intake and do more harm than good on your metabolism and they could cause you to lose lean muscle mass because of inadequate energy (food). How much one should eat depends on each person individually and depends on their goals, daily energy output and dieting history. In my Ditch the Diet program, we help each client individually figure out exactly how much they should be eating each day. It is not a one-size-fits-all plan and takes some deeper digging to get more accurate numbers.”

2. There is a smarter way to build lean muscle without having to spend hours a day lifting weights.

“We understand that most people have jobs, families, school and many other responsibilities and time can be hard to come by some days. Doing more so always better in this situation. As a matter of fact, rest days are a very important part of building lean muscle. You can see significant improvement in your lean muscle mass just by doing a strength training program for 20-30 minute sessions, 2-4x/week. These strength training programs can be done at a gym or at home. No matter where you train, it is best to push yourself mentally and physically with a shorter program than trying to pile on many exercises with a longer program.”

3. It is normal to lose strength as we age but it doesn’t mean we can’t continue trying to preserve and even grow muscle.

“Research shows that keeping your muscles strong as you age can lower your risk of falls, fractures and disability. Loss of strength may also limit mobility and prevent you from living independently. Strong, healthy muscles help you live an active life and work to support your skeletal system. When muscle mass decreases, fat mass increases which could put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.”

Try Local!

  • “Power Plate Meals of Fargo inspires change by making healthy eating accessible for everyone, one meal at a time. I purchase a lot of my lunches from Power Plate Meals because I know each meal is made with high-quality ingredients and flavor. Plus each meal has a great deal of protein in them to help reach your daily protein goals.”
  • “Dynasty Performance Training and Owner/Trainer Cole Jirik can help you develop and execute a personalized, effective strength training program in a top-of-the-line facility.”

Dynasty performance Training owner Cole Jirk has developed the gym’s training principles through his own thoughts, his experience playing for NDSU football where he worked with one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country, Jim Kramer, and from his time training at ETS Performance in Minneapolis, MN!

  • “Swanson Health Products Retail Store offers the best selection of vitamins and supplements plus an excellent variety of organic and natural products.”
  • “Kota Botanics is a premium CBD wellness brand and marketplace in Fargo, ND and Shakopee, MN that focuses on providing the highest quality and the most effective CBD and other wellness products to improve their customers’ well-being such as inflammation, pain, stress and sleep. Kota Botanics owner, Vivian, has a wealth of knowledge and will help you find the best product to suit your needs.”

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