Does sabudana help you lose weight?

Does sabudana help you lose weight?

In your pursuit to lose the extra kilos, you will have to have appear throughout a gazillion points that are touted as the ideal cure for weight reduction. While not all substances work in your favour when it arrives to shedding stubborn extra fat, some can do the job wonders. Have you tried using sabudana for pounds loss? Let’s locate out if it can help you shed fat or not.

Sabudana is a staple foods throughout the fasting year in India. These little and translucent balls are normally located in India and eaten nearly in each individual component of the state. Also known as sago, tapioca, kappa, and javvarisi, it is believed to have been launched by the Portuguese in India. No matter of how it was very first launched in India, sabudana is utilized to create scrumptious recipes like khichdi, kheer, kababs and tikkis.

Is sabudana superior for bodyweight loss?

Sabudana includes a choke total of nutrients, but does it assistance you eliminate bodyweight? Whilst it may perhaps really feel gentle on the abdomen, it is not the most effective for pounds reduction. Ms Deepti Khatuja, Head of medical diet at Fortis Memorial Study Institute in Gurgaon, Haryana, shares that sabudana does not assist a particular person to drop pounds. In actuality, it will help you achieve weight.

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sabudana for weight loss
Know if sabudana assists you shed excess weight. Impression courtesy: Adobe Inventory

There is not plenty of study to aid the statements that sabudana or sago can assistance you shed body weight. “But it’s great for attaining excess weight and if eaten in moderation, success can be superior. It can guide to beneficial well being outcomes,” suggests Khatuja.

Sabudana is also significant in carbohydrate and small in extra fat, generating it a much healthier choice for fat achieve. It can help avoid adverse consequences related with taking in as well significantly unwanted fat, these types of as the greater possibility of coronary heart disorder, incorporate the expert.

Sabudana is not just for excess weight acquire

Of course, sabudana can be a very good addition to your diet program if you are somebody striving to drop excess weight but it also is made up of abundant of other vitamins and minerals. It incorporates critical necessary vitamins and minerals, including fiber, protein and calcium. Sabudana is gluten-totally free and can provide as an outstanding substitute for wheat-dependent flour and grains. High in carbs, this foods merchandise can help in making critical fat tissues and bone repair service, she provides.

Given that sabudana is high in calories and carbs, it assists in getting some further kilos if taken in extra quantities. Sabudana khichdi, when built with great quantities of vegetables or sago vegetable cutlets that are not deep fried, can be made use of a effective nutrient dense food or snack. Also, if replaced with harmful food stuff like maida, fried or junk, it can assistance you not get a lot more pounds and can be an productive alternative to fulfil your cravings for quickly food, adds the professional.

Sabudana for weight loss
Sabudana for fat decline. Picture courtesy: Adobe Stock

Other wellbeing advantages of sabudana

Not just bodyweight attain, sabudana delivers quite a few other well being benefits, which includes:

  • Improves digestive well being
  • Bolster bones and joints
  • Allows manage blood sugar levels
  • Fantastic source of electrical power
  • Will help hold your blood tension in manage


Sabudana can be a very good addition to your food plan, but it will not benefit you if you are an individual striving to lose weight. In reality, it assists you gain bodyweight if eaten in moderation and combination with veggies. The essential to excellent wellbeing is ingesting a nutritious balanced eating plan with normal bodily action for at the very least 30-45 minutes day-to-day.