WeSleep App Promises to Reward Users Who Keep Active and Sleep Well

WeSleep App Promises to Reward Users Who Keep Active and Sleep Well

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WeSleep is a rest-to-make World wide web3 app that incentivizes users to pursue a wholesome and lively way of life on a day by day foundation.

• A Sleepie is a distinctive NFT that can be acquired to allow rewards, in the variety of $ZZZ tokens, to be passively produced though asleep. These tokens can be swapped to $BUSD applying the in-application swap process. Or a person could select to commit his earnings inside of a staking pool to generate additional rewards.

• People can increase their earnings by leveling up their Sleepies or their profile alone. To level up a profile, a specific total of Moons will be essential which can be gathered by finishing day-to-day tasks this kind of as “walk 1000 steps”. On top of that, leveling up a Sleepie can maximize its characteristics. Just about every Sleepie has diverse characteristics these types of as “Luck – opportunity of acquiring a secret box after sleep”.

• Several features have been carried out to incentivize a healthier life-style these as amplified benefits for keeping a frequent sleeping timetable all through the 7 days.

“Sleep plays a critical role in an individual’s total health and fitness and effectively-remaining. A lack of it can induce many wellness problems. What we’re carrying out with WeSleep is encouraging folks to observe their sleep behavior and gain benefits for obtaining ample rest” , claimed Vaibhav, Co-Founder of WeSleep

In addition to actual physical conditioning, WeSleep also focuses on increasing a person’s mental wellbeing just as very well.

Sleeping has various psychological benefits. But new scientific studies have now demonstrated that adhering to a day-to-day regimen can considerably reduce procrastination and depression. For that cause, WeSleep aims to send their consumers day by day responsibilities and shock secret packing containers which can include to an entertaining, match-like working experience.

Secret packing containers are NFTs that can involve sleeping drugs (one more NFT), $ZZZ, and/or $WEZ. At the time sleeping drugs have been activated, the attribute of a Sleepie NFT can be temporarily or completely boosted so that Sleepers can monetize their snooze more competently and make the most out of the twin token program.

And if a Sleeper is unwilling to use any of their three NFTs, there is an solution to listing the NFTs for sale on the inside NFT market. Or alternatively of offering their NFTs on the market, sleepers can also acquire sleeping pills to make improvements to characteristics, Sleepies to increase sleeping benefits, and secret bins to unlock a new merchandise.

With creativeness, consumers can devise refined methods that not only optimize sleeping benefits but also leverage the market to its total extent. For instance, a person may decide on to have their Sleepies breed with 1 one more and deliver a new Sleepie NFT.

This Sleepie will assistance fill up and monetize all unused inventory slots. Utilizing all these nuanced functions, a participant can potentially do a whole lot additional than just sleep and gain.

Just lately, WeSleep launched its Private Sale application and is currently accepting requests from buyers who would like to be allotted governance tokens in the sort of $WEZ.

“We have a whole lot of folks on board to convey this undertaking to fruition, a entire development group such as apps, sensible contracts, backend and frontend, a Leading 7 NFT artist (Voted on Inspect), co-founders who properly released prior crypto assignments as properly as experienced advisors who are guiding WeSleep into the proper way. We have collaborated to provide anything modern and exciting to the forefront, finally delivering people with a way to collect and earn benefits from anything as uncomplicated as receiving sufficient relaxation at night and subsequent a healthy life style. It’s a enjoyment, distinct prospect that everyone can get involved in and expertise firsthand”, reported Povilas Motiejunas, Co-Founder of WeSleep

About WeSleep

WeSleep is a Website3 application with inbuilt Match-Fi things worthwhile end users for their sleep time as properly as healthy and active life style on a each day basis, setting the basis for an enjoyable Snooze to Generate solution.

As people today keep on to grow to be ever more health-conscious, WeSleep aims to spot itself at the forefront of all well being & way of living cellular apps.

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