Online Fitness & Nutrition Program for People 60 & Over, Fitat60 Celebrates its First 10,000 Members

Online Fitness & Nutrition Program for People 60 & Over, Fitat60 Celebrates its First 10,000 Members

With hundreds of five-star reviews, is rapidly gaining momentum with those over 60.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, December 6, 2022 / — Having just turned two years old, Fitat60 has recently hit a few big milestones. An innovative online fitness and nutrition program designed specifically for people 60 and over, the site is celebrating 10,000 members and an average 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, while November was its biggest month yet. According to Editor-in-Chief Matthew Morgan, the business is gearing up for even greater success in 2023.

“Fitat60 is really taking off,” says Morgan. “I can’t say that we’re totally surprised, because we really did our homework to find out what people over 60 were looking for, but we’re delighted by all the positive comments we’ve been receiving.”

The idea for the business came at the beginning of the pandemic, when people started turning to the internet to find ways to get fit and stay healthy. With most programs focusing on a younger audience, there was an obvious gap in the market for the over sixty crowd.

“When we conducted our research, we were astonished to learn that most over-sixties are far from being the stereotypical elderly folks we see in the media. They are not, for the most part, grey-haired, hunched over or immobilized by bad backs and bad knees—quite the contrary, in fact. Feeling good, positive about life and with plenty of energy, the majority are always on the lookout for ways to improve their health and well-being. Not that they don’t have ailments or issues—they do, but it doesn’t define them. As many of our clients say: 60 is the new 40!”

Focusing squarely on the needs of those people, Fitat60 offers a four-part program:

• Nutrition: an extensive range of recipes and meal plans to show that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating without flavor.

• Fitness: easy-to-follow videos conducted by certified personal trainers, catering for all levels of fitness.

• Mind: tips and tricks to keep an active mind and a positive outlook.

• Medical: help to explain GPs advice, and practical pointers on how to put this advice into practice.

“60 is the new 40!” Morgan concludes. “We invite you to invest in your greatest asset—yourself—by joining our program!”

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About the Company

Founded by Lyndal Payne and Matthew Morgan in 2020, Fitat60 is an Australian-based online fitness and nutrition program for people over the age of 60. On a mission to find and develop the best and relevant products, programs and supplements with no corners cut, the owners have a decade’s worth of experience in building and producing online fitness and nutrition content and video production.

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