‘Fit for life’: Gul Panag shares her mantra for healthy living

‘Fit for life’: Gul Panag shares her mantra for healthy living

Gul Panag wears numerous hats but whether it is currently being an actor, entrepreneur, or a mother, she thinks in supplying her 100 for every cent to everything on hand. With a renewed vigour, the Fantastic Poor Woman actor is busy advocating the require to use clear energy sources for the betterment of the setting with her latest initiative — Sunfuel Electric, an electrical motor vehicle charging infrastructure company, of which she is a co-founder.

“Sustainability commences with the air we breathe, and the quickest way to thoroughly clean up this air is to switch to zero emission automobiles. We are presently on monitor to produce most of our electric power from renewable cleanse resources of vitality. So the argument that electric vehicles are powered by filthy electrical power will not hold much for a longer time. Every just one of us wants to acquire minimal ways in the day-to-day study course of our life for it to collectively impact the massive photograph,” she told indianexpress.com.

In an distinctive chat, Gul, 43, spoke about her likes, daily lifestyle, and her aspirations. Excerpts:

What is retaining you occupied at the instant?

Endorsing my movies Ghost and Very good Negative Female. And producing movies. And functioning on constructing partnerships and communities at Solar Fuel.

How do you explain your pandemic ordeals?

It was an option to reset and adapt to the new normal. It was also an possibility to re-appraise and re-prioritise daily life in normal. Grateful for the time we got collectively as a family.

You appreciate to journey your social media is evidence. What drives your passion?

Searching for out new experiences and widening my horizon and perspective.

In between operate, travel, and family, how do you ensure to exercise routine?

I wake up at 5 am most times, and get the exercise session done to start with issue in the morning. Preparing it for the finish of the day does not work for me.

What does your usual exercise routine routine features?

A combine of toughness, overall flexibility, and stamina. But I constantly begin Monday with a run.

What does your diet plan seem like?

I take in a well balanced diet program which is achievable where ever I am. I check out and stay clear of processed foodstuff, refined flour, and sugar.

How crucial is it for girls to be energetic in entrepreneurial roles?

Women of all ages will have to be energetic in all walks of life which includes but not confined to entrepreneurship. In a patriarchal modern society like ours, it’s vital that gals empower on their own monetarily for the reason that that is the only real route to freedom and empowerment.

What is your strategy of perfection?

There is no perfection. In search of perfection in my feeling is setting just one self up for disappointment. The means to adapt and prosper in all situations is far more essential.

Your feeling on the changing perceptions of natural beauty, if any and how it helps condition the society?

Notion of natural beauty has usually been a operate of conditioning. As conditioning variations, notion of attractiveness variations. It’s extremely subjective and what is regarded as duty right now will in all probability not be viewed as natural beauty tomorrow. 1 only has to see the notion of what is deemed to be an perfect physique and how considerably that alone has improved in the past two decades to come to that summary!

Consider 5

Favorite cheat meal
Nirula’s Huge Boy Burger

Favorite household outing
Motion picture at the theatre

How do you combat boredom?
I have no time for it.

How do you battle laziness?
By staying disciplined.

Your go-to mantra for overall health
In good shape for everyday living

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