Children’s medical equipment damaged on Frontier flight

Children’s medical equipment damaged on Frontier flight

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A Castle Rock couple with two disabled children told FOX31 they were heartbroken to discover expensive medical equipment was damaged after their flight on Frontier Airlines.

The Leao family faces challenges, but they take them on with patience and love. When asked about 2-year-old son Bellamy and 4-year-old daughter Annabel, Morgan Leao said, “they are nonverbal but their lives and their smiles tell everything.”

Annabel copes with a seizure disorder that can be triggered by a lack of rest, so she needs to sleep in a specially-designed bed.

“It just provides her with an enclosed space to stay in her bed at night and really be able to relax,” Morgan Leao said.

Charges, missing and damaged parts

On Nov. 30, the family flew from Atlanta to Denver on Frontier Airlines. Morgan Leao said she was shocked to be charged for the medical equipment.

“I had to open the bag for her, and I was like, even with proof, you have the audacity to charge me?” Morgan said.

When the family got home, they discovered seven parts from Annabel’s bed were missing.

“We went to put her bed up and it was just like a nightmare,” Annabel’s father, Waltier Leao, said.

A special stroller was damaged as well. The cost to replace the items is nearly $8,000, but Morgan Leao said she had trouble getting the airline to respond to her request for compensation.

“I’m obviously not enough to fight for myself. I need help,” she said.

Frontier Airlines responds

The Problem Solvers contacted Frontier and asked what could be done. The company provided FOX31 with the following statement:

“Since the customer reached out to us, we have been actively working with our third-party vendor that specializes in assistive device repairs and replacements. Upon evaluation, replacement for both a pediatric stroller and safety bed was approved. In the meantime, we have refunded the checked bag and overweight fees associated with the equipment. We extend our sincere apologies to the family for the inconvenience they have experienced.”

Frontier Airlines

Annabel’s new bed will arrive in seven weeks.

“I am relieved, I’m grateful for being able to receive those items and grateful to have such support on my side and people to fight for me,” Morgan Leao said.

Consumer protection experts advise all parents to carry proof of the need for medical equipment and check policies before boarding any airline’s flight. Ask about how customer service can be contacted before you go on your trip.