Best Weight Loss Programs for Men in 2022 – SI Showcase

Best Weight Loss Programs for Men in 2022 – SI Showcase

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Beyond aesthetic reasons, losing excess body fat and reaching an optimal body composition can be one of the best things for your health and wellness. For example, losing body fat can reduce systemic inflammation in the body, improve recovery, cognitive function and reduce the risk of things like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease and cancer.

The good news is that these benefits are available regardless of how old you are and when you choose to begin. While the principles of weight loss are the same for both men and women, certain approaches may be more beneficial than others.

One of the best things you can do to start your journey is to use a systematic, science-based approach toward your weight loss. It’s why a growing number of men have chosen to enlist the help of a weight loss plan.

Since we recently looked at the best weight loss programs for women, it’s only fitting that we do the same for men. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best weight loss programs for men currently available. We’ll cover their method, the benefits of their approach, how to use them and what is important to consider. The goal is to equip you with all the information you need to choose the best weight loss program for your particular situation.

This content is meant to be informative, but should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention or treatment of health problems. Always speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement or exercise regimen.

Our Picks for the Best Weight Loss Program For Men:

  • Best Overall Weight Loss Program for Men: Noom
  • Best Weight Loss Program for Men with Community Support: WW
  • Best Weight Loss Program for Men with Personal Training: Future
  • Best Multipurpose Weight Loss Program for Men: DoFasting
  • Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Program for Men: Trifecta
  • Best Vegetarian Weight Loss Program for Men: Purple Carrot
  • Best Weight Loss Program for Men for Healthy Living: Mediterranean Diet
  • Best Weight Loss Program for Men for Plant-Based Eaters: Flexitarian Diet

Key features:

  • Centered around psychology and mindful weight loss
  • Prioritizes mindset and habit changes over-restrictive eating
  • In-depth on-boarding process
  • Tailors its program based on your health history, goals and personality
  • Used via web or mobile app

Noom is a weight loss transformation program built around the concept of psychological leverage- using psychology to unlock sustainable weight loss with better habits. Built on AI, Noom uses millions of data points from thousands of users to refine and tailor an approach that is ideal for you.

Noom’s Approach to Weight Loss

The program’s approach creates long-term results through habit and behavior change as opposed to restrictive eating. Noom prioritizes psychology, behavior and mindfulness through education and accountability.

While it’s guided by a core set of weight loss principles, the framework is adaptive. This makes it a great weight loss program for men who need flexibility. Rather than forcing you to adhere to a rigid methodology, Noom factors your personal lifestyle, responsibilities and environment into crafting a plan that sets you up for long-term success.

There’s an extensive initial survey you take after signup that covers things like demographic, habits, behaviors and mindsets. Every answer helps inform Noom how to tailor their approach by comparing you to the lifestyles and results of other users.

Noom uses positive reinforcement and gamification to make the weight loss journey engaging. The app is full of sound effects and animations and badges that leverage the same dopamine pathways that are triggered while playing video games. However, it’s used to fortify healthy weight loss habits instead of building a gaming addiction. It may seem like a minor feature but based on real-world users, it was a major factor in keeping them coming back repeatedly.

The major portion of Noom’s approach is rooted in nutrition, mindset, fitness and mindfulness education. Rather than hitting you with massive amounts of information at once, they introduce small portions each day and give tips on implementing what you’ve learned. There’s a learning library with courses you can take at your own pace. Many men report learning more with this approach as opposed to other programs requiring you to read through massive amounts of information before getting started.

Having a strong community is essential when it comes to the best weight loss programs for men. In fact, some studies show a strong correlation between community-based accountability and long-term weight loss success. Noom expands your weight loss support network to include thousands of users that are on the same journey.

The Noom weight loss program is based on sound scientific principles and practices. We like that it avoids extreme restrictive eating while helping users eat fewer calories for weight loss.

App User design, features and layout

If you are constantly on the move, having one of the best weight loss apps on your smartphone will be important. One of the first things you will notice about the Noom mobile app is how well-designed it is. Compared to other weight loss program apps, the minimal, warm design is a more enjoyable user experience. Rather than loading it down with a host of features, you will barely use, Noom is intentional about including only the essentials.

Every part of the Noom ecosystem is accessible from the menu. Since a sizable portion of the program deals with education, we liked that the app puts your course library and progress information just a few taps away.

Cost of a Noom Membership

Noom offers different pricing plans that can change in cost based on how long you want to sign up for and how many months you wish to pay upfront. The cost goes down significantly if you purchase a yearly auto-renewing plan. They also run various new-member packages that may discount the first few months of the program.

Noom Onboarding Setup Process

Getting set up with Noom is straightforward. The first time you open the Noom app or get started on their website, you will sign up with your name and email address and get started with your intake survey. It will take up to 20 minutes to complete, and there isn’t a way to save it and come back to it. Since this portion is a major part of the Noom user experience, let’s look at what information you should have on hand to get the most out of it.

The demographic profile portion will ask you a series of questions, including:

  • How much weight you want to lose
  • Lifestyle (student, self-employed, full-time, retired)
  • Important upcoming events and when they happen (vacation, wedding, summer)
  • Current diet quality
  • The type of environment you live in (the country, a major city, suburbs)
  • Athletic history
  • Health challenges or risks (testosterone deficiency, diabetes, depression)
  • Current relationship with food

Your answers will be analyzed, and Noom will bring you to a report that tells you their realistic timeline of when you could hit your weight loss goal based on the experience of similar Noom users. They lay it out on a graph which makes it look very intriguing. This graph will pop up a couple of more times. You’ll notice that the timeline end date will change based on your answers.

Next is their “Behavioral Profile Quiz.” Questions in this section determine how importantly you weigh different goals. The quiz will ask you how much you prefer one health goal over another.

Since Noom uses psychology as a core part of their program, many of the remaining questions will ask about your relationship to food, behaviors and weight loss goals. After you answer the questions, Noom will give you what is best described as a weight loss personality type – a title that defines your present weight loss philosophy. The last section is about activity and nutrition.

Once you’ve finished all three sections of the survey, Noom will get to work building a detailed report and presenting you with the next steps.

Noom is the best overall weight loss plan for men currently on the market. While it may not be ideal for some men in unique situations, it has an impressive track record of results among men of different ages and demographics. Its balanced, habit-focused approach provides a high chance of long-term weight management.


  • Strong community and accountability component
  • Less expensive than personal, 1:1 weight loss coaching
  • Tailors your plan based on lifestyle
  • Robust mobile app
  • Beautiful, informative charts and visuals to track progress


  • Accuracy of the estimated weight loss timeline was hit or miss for many users
  • Guidance is ideal for people new to weight loss. Lacks more robust education for more experienced users.

Key features:

  • Offers community support both online and in-person
  • Does not restrict any food choices
  • New mobile app for easier food and activity tracking.

Weight Watchers (WW) is a well-established name in the weight loss space. When it comes to community support, few programs do a better job immersing users with like-minded people on the same weight loss journey. At more than 3,000 locations and 14,000 workshops per week, WW is by far the best weight loss program for men with community support.

WW’s Approach to Weight Loss

Although it functions on the same weight loss tenets, the program has grown over the years to reflect the latest nutrition and weight loss research. WW’s approach to weight loss is to help users become more mindful and intentional about what they consume, how much activity they incorporate into their daily lives and building a healthy support system.

While the principles are similar to other weight loss programs, the way WW layers and incorporates them is interesting.

The Food Point System

Each food is assigned a point system in the WW ecosystem. Points are determined by factors including caloric density, grams of fats, carbohydrates or proteins and how processed they are. There are also “zero point” foods that WW does not require you to track or limit. These include eggs, non-starchy vegetables, tofu and fat-free yogurts. Their reasoning is that they offer a high amount of essential nutrients and can enhance your feeling of fullness. Your foods and their points are easily tracked in the WW mobile app.

WW’s food point system gets dragged online by people as too restrictive or “nit-picky.” The truth is that effective weight loss will require a solid plan you can easily follow through with. The food point system is a convenient way to plan your eating in a framework that allows you to eat what you enjoy.

Food and Activity Tracking

WW has recently redeveloped its mobile app, making it the central hub of the WW weight loss program. A major reason for the rebuild was to help users better track their food and activity. Research shows that tracking is a major indicator of successful weight loss. It gives you a clear picture of how well you’re building new habits, and it is a great way for the WW team to provide expert guidance in case you hit a roadblock.

The WW app made it simple to log food with its robust database. The barcode scanner is a great feature while walking the aisles of the grocery store.

WW Community Support

WW is the best weight loss program for men with community support because it helps men receive the help and guidance they need in many ways. It’s also one of the most adaptive to different lifestyles. WW Connect is an online social community built into its mobile app that connects you with thousands of fellow members. Several users refer to it as their own personal cheering section.

WW workshops are another avenue to connect. With over 14,000 happening each week, members can find a coach-led workshop at a time that can work with their schedule. You can attend these workshops in person or virtually.

Within the app, you can ask weight loss-related questions or seek guidance from a team of WW coaches. It’s a great resource that lets you get answers to questions like the best protein powder for weight loss or ideal post-workout nutrition without waiting for the next workshop.

Cost of Membership

WW currently offers two plans. The Core provides all the essential features, such as a nutrition plan, access to the online community, virtual education and tracking tools. Premium provides everything that Core does with the addition of in-person or virtual workshops, individualized nutrition plan and WW chat support. WW is one of the most affordable workout programs for men on the market. The Premium plan is still only half the price of other programs on this list.

As a science-backed approach to weight loss with strong community support, WW is a great option that leverages mobile technology to make the entire experience effective and immersive.


  • Very strong community support
  • Social network built into the WW app
  • Premium plan offers chat support
  • Flexible workshops that can be done in person or virtually
  • Revamped food points system is easier to use and track
  • Easy-to-use mobile app


  • Core plan is extremely limited

Key features:

  • Pairs members with a coach for personalized training
  • Leverages technology to give virtual coaches better insight into your progress
  • Provides regular communication between users and their coach
  • Workout plans are developed weekly to fit around your schedule

When it comes to losing weight, sometimes a diet plan alone isn’t enough to get the results you want. Future is a personalized, digital approach to coaching. For some men, finding a personal trainer that is the right fit can be challenging. Future’s goal is to open the borders of personal training using technology to connect you with the ideal coach. They can craft personalized plans that travel with you using mobile technology and fitness wearables.

Future’s Approach to Weight Loss for Men

Keep in mind that Future is primarily a personal training platform. While there is guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes, Future focuses the majority of weight loss on creating a consistent caloric deficit by getting your body to move and lift more. It’s a great fit for men that want physical activity to be a core component of their weight loss journey.

This weight loss program lives on Apple iOS devices, specifically the iPhone. You’ll need to get on a waiting list if you are an Android user and there is no way to use the program from a web browser.

Personal Coaching and Support

The core of Future’s approach centers on connecting you with an ideal coach. They are certified, vetted and have a proven track record with other members. This isn’t just for marketing, either. Evidence shows a strong correlation between expert coaching and regular communication on weight loss success over a six-month period.

The moment you click to get started, the Future app will lead you through an initial survey to get a sense of your goals and where you’re currently at. You’ll answer questions like your age, current and goal weight, workout experience and goals beyond the weight scale.

An important part of the survey comes when it’s time to select a coach. You’ll be able to state your preferences along the criteria of preferred gender, personality, coaching intensity and other factors. Based on your answers, Future will provide a few coach suggestions to select from. Don’t stress about making the perfect decision. Coach advisors are on hand after you get set up to help change coaches if needed.

Once you’ve selected a coach, your weight loss journey will start with a virtual video call between the two of you. Users mention that this consultation is very in-depth and that most were satisfied that the coaches asked solid questions to better understand how best to help.

The personal coaching approach will be a good fit for people with underlying conditions or injuries. While you should be cleared by a doctor before you begin any weight loss journey, a coach can tailor your weight loss program to accommodate your specific needs.

All communication happens within the app, allowing you to refer back to any conversation without needing to sift through your text messages or email. Coaches plan your weight loss plan each week based on your results and additional data they receive. Most members receive regular interaction with their coach and timely responses to their questions.

Future also eliminates the need for the awkwardness that often comes when breaking up with a coach, which we appreciate. Coach advisors are on hand to help handle the process of selecting a new coach and can bring them up to speed on your situation so there is minimal downtime to your progress.

Mobile and Wearable Technology

Another strength is that Future lives on your iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad. Traditional personal coaching relies heavily on subjective feedback. Incorporating an Apple Watch that connects to Future’s app automatically feeds your fitness-related information to your coach. This results in more informed tweaks to your programming.

Future for Travelers and Busy People

The Future weight loss program is ideal for busy people and travelers. Besides being a mobile app, coaches can customize your workout schedule to accommodate whatever is taking place during the week. If you’re traveling, your coach can build workouts that work with whatever equipment or time you have on hand. This eliminates the need to find a gym with adequate equipment to stay on plan.

The Cost of Future

Future is one of the more expensive options on this list. At the time of this writing, it is over four times more expensive than the WW premium plan. With that said, it is significantly cheaper than one-to-one in-person coaching. Based on national averages, a full month of Future will cost roughly the same as two to three hours of in-person coaching. We feel it is a solid value in terms of flexibility and access.

The process to join is very straightforward. You can do this part on a web browser or through the app. We found it was easier on the app because it avoided having to log in later on. There is no way to explore the app or its tools until you complete the signup process and choose a plan you would like to pay for. Even though the normal pricing is quite high compared to others, Future normally offers an extremely inexpensive first-month membership to get you started. Overall, it’s one of the best weight loss programs for men with a personal training component.


  • Coach advisors are available to help match you with the right coach
  • Intuitive mobile app houses all training and coach interaction
  • Switch coaches as needed


  • Only available for Apple iOS devices at the time of this writing
  • One of the more expensive options on this list.

Key features:

  • Built around the practice of intermittent fasting
  • Includes nutrition and exercise guidance while on and off a fast
  • Integrates with a wide range of health apps, wearables and scales
  • Provides a flexible approach to weight loss to fit different goals

DoFasting is a great option for men looking for a multipurpose weight loss program that accommodates intermittent fasting. Many studies show intermittent fasting as a promising tool for weight loss. Intermittent fasting (IF) is an approach to intake fewer calories by eating during a set window of time. Outside of that window, you simply refrain from any foods aside from water and a small selection of other liquids like black coffee or tea.

Different approaches to IF use smaller or larger eating windows depending on your preference and goals. IF achieves weight loss by creating a caloric deficit. Done consistently over a period of time, many find it effective at losing weight. Many men prefer this eating style, and may be more sustainable for long-term weight management. Let’s look into some aspects of the DoFasting app and how it may serve various weight loss goals.

DoFasting’s Approach to Weight Loss

The DoFasting program revolves around a mobile app with a robust set of features. While other intermittent fasting apps are designed to track fasting, DoFasting has tools to help manage the times you aren’t fasting.

It has a well-rounded set of features that can help guide you through nutrition, exercise, meal planning and honing in on your ideal fasting schedule based on your lifestyle. Their total lifestyle approach makes this weight loss program a great option for men.

Meal Building & Recipes

DoFasting gathers and tracks all the main components of weight loss in a single application. Once it’s set up, you won’t need to switch back and forth between fitness and nutrition apps. A major challenge to the IF approach to weight loss is having a plan once you come off of a fast. This app comes with an intuitive meal-planning feature and recipes that simplify proper nutrient balance.

Workout Programming

DoFasting comes loaded with a large library of workout programs that are bodyweight only. It’s great for men that travel often or don’t have regular access to fitness equipment. Workouts ranging from six to 45 minutes are designed to accommodate whatever weight loss approach you take. Users report that the app does a good job of having workouts for every fitness level. Including this library reduces the need for another virtual fitness subscription for added savings.

Motivation and Education

Because of its emphasis on education, DoFasting is a solid option for men new to weight loss or intermittent fasting. It does a fantastic job easing you into the deeper, more nuanced tools for weight loss over time. We’ve found that this gradual approach can increase motivation and provide better long-term results.

The Cost of DoFasting

Compared to other multipurpose weight loss options for men on the market, the cost of a DoFasting membership is very competitive. The most expensive price is the month-to-month option. The best value comes when you purchase six months up front which provides a 70 percent discount.

When it comes to a weight loss program that fits multiple purposes, DoFasting distinguishes itself with its fitness and nutrition tools, intermittent fasting features an all-in-one approach.


  • One of the most well-rounded weight loss apps that incorporates intermittent fasting
  • Large library of bodyweight exercise programs
  • Strong meal plan and food tracking abilities
  • Connects with several apps, smart devices and wearables


  • Some tools may get in the way if you are not practicing intermittent fasting.

Key features:

  • Accommodates six kinds of meal plans including Keto, Vegan and Whole30
  • All ingredients are clean and feature organic protein
  • Selection of gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free
  • Normally arrives on a Friday or Saturday prior to the start of the week

As we mentioned earlier, proper planning is a powerful indicator of weight loss success. Healthy eating is a major factor that can help lead to fat loss. One of the most important yet difficult parts of the weight loss journey to manage is food. Figuring out a healthy diet, managing your portion sizes to meet nutritional requirements while also being mindful of your calorie intake can get overwhelming.

For this reason, a growing number of men are looking for the best weight-loss meal delivery programs to help simplify things. Of the many meal delivery programs for men, Trifecta set itself apart.

Trifecta believes that a properly nourished, clean body will make weight loss easier. The service is rooted in a commitment to clean, macro-based eating. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, protein, and fat, which are the main types of nutrients consumed by humans.

Trifecta says most meals are low calorie ranging from 350 to 500 per entree. The service offers six dietary eating plans. Trifecta’s “Classic Meal Plan” promises to provide dishes that are low fat, moderate carb and high protein. They also offer meals to suit low-carb diets such as Whole30 and Paleo approved plans, as well as meals plans approved for a ketogenic, vegetarian or vegan diet.

Pre-portioned with clearly marked nutritional information, Trifecta meals are easily reheated and can fit a wide range of weight loss programs.

Meal Selection and Delivery

Besides being able to choose your diet plan, Trifecta allows you to choose different packages to make things even easier. A Trifecta chef curates these, but you will still have the ability to make minor adjustments.

Each week, there is a range of meal options that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We’ve found that your food will likely be delivered on a Friday or Saturday, and the experience of other customers has been favorable. There are a good amount of meals to choose from so you won’t have to double up on a selection unless you want to. One thing to keep in mind is that several users mention that there isn’t a large variety in flavor profiles.


Most of the best weight loss programs for men will factor in macro-nutrient (fats, protein, carbohydrates) balance. Trifecta meals are a great option for people that want to take the guesswork out of figuring out what the macros are of their food. Each meal is clearly labeled. This makes choosing an ideal combination and meal planning in general much easier.

Trifecta Cost of Meals

The price of Trifecta meals will vary based on the type of meal plan and quantity you select. The cost per entree ranges from $11.00 to $16.95.

Trifecta is our choice for the best weight loss meal delivery service for men because it provides its customers with the insight and tools they need to fit it into their personal weight loss plan. Food quality is important and their choice to use clean ingredients and organic proteins is a huge benefit.


  • Simple app for easy tracking
  • Support available if needed
  • Macro-balanced meals that are geared toward athletes and weight loss
  • Eliminates the need for meal prep and excessive cooking


  • Hard to customize meal choices when on specific plans
Purple Carrot

Key features:

  • Plant-based meal delivery service
  • Chef-inspired recipes
  • Provide a meal kit and pre-made meal option

Vegetarian approaches to weight loss are becoming an increasingly popular method for men and women. Without adequate time, it can be hard for many people to learn and execute a successful vegetarian meal prep. The good news is that vegetarian meal delivery services make it much easier to accomplish a vegetarian-centric weight loss program.

A consistent complaint we encountered was about bland meal delivery options for vegetarians. It’s why we’ve included Purple Carrot on this list. They are a food delivery service committed to delivering chef-inspired, plant-based meals at a competitive price.

Purple Carrot’s Meal Selection

Other meal services tend to have only a few plant-based options if any. Since Purple Carrot is exclusively plant-based, they have the biggest selection to choose from. You can choose either a meal kit or a single-serving, pre-made meal option. During signup, you can choose how many meals you would like per day and then choose them. This is a simple and intuitive process that is easy to modify later on.


Purple Carrot has some of the most flavorful vegan and vegetarian options of any food delivery service, according to online reviews. They incorporate various styles and cultures of food to keep things interesting. However, it may not be ideal for men who prefer to stay away from international flavor profiles.

Ease of Incorporating Into a Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Purple Carrot is a good option for men that want a vegetarian option to incorporate into their weight loss plan. Low protein can be a challenge with this form of eating, and we feel this company does a good job putting high amounts of protein into their meals. Each meal comes with a calorie count. One thing we wish it included was the macronutrient information which would make tracking meals during weight loss easier.

Purple Carrot takes an elevated approach to plant-based foods. Their calorie-conscious recipes make it a great option if you’re taking the vegetarian route.


  • Robust flavors and variety
  • Consistent shipping and competitive pricing
  • Everything is plant-based making it suitable for both vegans and vegetarians


  • Does not include macronutrient information for pre-made meals
Med diet

Key features:

  • A form of eating with a range of health benefits
  • Consists largely of fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Can be integrated into many weight loss programs

When it comes to eating habits, there are many fad diets out there. But the Mediterranean Diet is historically one of the best diets to improve your health. The goal of weight loss can include reasons far greater than fitting better in clothes. Research shows that just a five percent drop in excess body fat can profoundly affect overall health, including blood pressure, a common issue with men as they age.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

It’s important to note that this is a form of eating as opposed to a set regimen of formulas and calculations. The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating that emphasizes plant-based foods and healthy fats.

A normal Mediterranean diet will consist of things such as:

  • Vegetables, fruit, beans, lentils, nuts and legumes
  • Whole grains like brown rice and whole-wheat
  • Healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil
  • Fish with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Small amounts of dairy
  • Lean protein
  • Little or no sweets, sodas or butter

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

The advantage of this weight-loss diet for health is that it incorporates a balanced selection of clean foods. Since it isn’t a rigid system, a medical or health professional can help to modify it to fit your specific health and weight loss goals.

The Mediterranean Diet has many benefits, including:

While there are many dietary approaches to weight loss, the Mediterranean Diet is our choice because of its combination of weight loss-promoting foods and long-term health benefits. While the Mediterranean Diet is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind your portions and calorie intake. That’s why we suggest pairing this diet with Noom to reach your weight loss goals.


  • Promotes improved overall health
  • Can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, certain forms of cancer and slow signs of aging
  • Some reports show a possible correlation between increased longevity and this form of eating.


  • Can be cost-heavy depending on where you live
Flex diet

Key features:

  • Largely vegetarian with the flexibility to eat meat on occasion
  • Provides solutions to meet protein needs without meat
  • Designed to weight loss, longevity and performance

Starting a weight loss program is often associated with wanting to make healthier lifestyle changes overall. For some men, it might be an ideal time to try a new form of eating that could better suit them. Plant-based diets are growing in popularity as more people are experiencing a wide range of benefits.

We’ve found the Flexitarian diet to be the best weight loss program for men looking to become plant-based eaters. It’s a great way to overcome many of the traditional barriers associated with this approach to eating.

What is the Flexitarian Diet?

Also referred to as a semi-vegetarian diet–a Flexitarian Diet comprises mostly fruits, veggies, whole grains and plant-based proteins. The beauty of this approach is that you don’t have to eliminate meat completely to receive the benefits associated with a largely plant-based diet. While you will eat mostly vegetarian, the occasional burger or steak is allowed. The claim is that this eating style will improve overall health, lower the risk of heart disease and help bring about healthy weight loss.

Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet

Scientifically validated benefits of this form of eating are still emerging. However, those interested can look into the research-backed benefits of a vegetarian diet for more clarity. As it pertains to weight loss, vegetables tend to be less calorie dense and less processed. These reduced calories paired with healthy activity may provide the needed calorie deficit to see consistent weight loss. We suggest pairing a Flexitarian Diet with Noom so you can be mindful of your food intake and reach your weight loss goals.


  • Allows you to reap some of the benefits of more vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  • A great option for people transitioning into a vegetarian diet
  • Flexibility helps to eliminate feelings of guilt when starting out


  • Is not a strict vegetarian approach

How to choose the best weight loss program for you

As you can see from this list, there are incredible weight loss programs for men regardless of their goals, lifestyle or specific needs. The options can seem overwhelming. To help with this, we recommend keeping some of the following considerations in mind to help make your choice easier.

Take Inventory of Your Lifestyle

The best weight loss program for you will be a system that works with your lifestyle and time constraints. Not every man has 20 hours a week to prepare meals or dedicate to communicating to a fully equipped gym. It’s a good idea to take stock of your lifestyle and be objective about how much time and effort you can dedicate to your weight loss. This will help eliminate a lot of frustration later on.

This process will also show you what aspects or features of a weight loss program are important. For example, if your schedule includes a lot of travel, choosing a program that lets you be anywhere and work out with little equipment may be best.

Choose the Program That Makes it Easier to Achieve a Consistent Caloric Deficit

Regardless of what program you choose, achieving a caloric deficit is essential for weight loss. Each program will have a different approach to achieving this goal. It’s best to consider a program with aspects you enjoy and can sustain over a long period of time.

Determine the “Why” Behind Your Weight Loss Goals

As you can see, there are many paths toward weight loss. However, which method you choose may reap a host of different benefits in addition to the change on the weight scale. Take stock of why you are starting this journey in the first place and choose a weight loss program that reflects the greater reason for your journey.

How we chose the best weight loss programs for men

We selected the best weight loss for men based on several important criteria, which included:

  • Science-Based Approach: In an industry prone to wild, exaggerated claims, we only selected programs based on sound research-backed scientific and nutritional principles.
  • Value: The process of weight loss can be expensive. We selected options that provided tremendous value in relation to their cost.
  • Brand Reputation: Longevity and track record are important in the weight loss space. We chose brands that either have a long track record or adhere to the highest scientific and professional standards.
  • User Results: We looked through thousands of user reviews and surveys to verify that a substantial number of people have had success with these programs.


What is the fastest way for a man to lose weight?

How quickly a man can lose weight will determine a range of factors, including age, health history and chosen weight loss method. According to multiple studies, the fastest safe amount of weight loss should be between one and two pounds per week.

Which weight loss program has the best results for men?

There are different weight loss programs that produce great results for men. The best weight loss program will depend on your individual goals, diet and exercise needs and how that program is suited to help you achieve them.

Where do men lose weight first?

Where men lose weight first largely depends on genetics and the type of fat they have.

How many pounds can men safely lose each week?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, men can safely lose between one and two pounds weekly.

Final Thoughts

Given the number of options available, finding the best weight loss program for men can be challenging. We hope this list has helped you discover a weight loss program that works best for your needs and goals. If you are looking for a well-balanced program that helps develop long-term habits, Noom, our best overall pick, may be worth considering.

If you’ve struggled with meal prep and figuring out the nutrition aspect of your weight loss plan, Purple Carrot and Trifecta meals may be a great starting point and give you more time to get acclimated. Sometimes choosing the right program doesn’t happen right away. Don’t be afraid to try a few out to see what fits. Many have free trials or introductory pricing that can help keep costs low while testing.

Regardless of which program you choose, be sure to consult a medical professional if you encounter any issues or have any questions.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of publish time.