CardieX Subsidiary ATCOR Partners with Power to Advance Patient Recruitment Diversity and Increase Patient Access in Clinical Trials

CardieX Subsidiary ATCOR Partners with Power to Advance Patient Recruitment Diversity and Increase Patient Access in Clinical Trials

CardieX’s ATCOR subsidiary and Power together will expand patient-centric approaches to enhance patient diversity in clinical trials

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CardieX Limited, a global health technology company focused on patient-centric healthcare research and improving clinical trial patient outcomes, today announced a partnership between its ATCOR subsidiary and Power, a fast growing patient recruitment marketplace democratizing access to clinical trials for all patients.

The new partnership will allow ATCOR and Power to conduct collaborative research and advance underrepresented patient access to clinical trials and clinical research within Alzheimer’s disease, women’s health, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

A primary goal of the partnership is the premiere of new approaches for screening patients with novel inclusion/exclusion criteria across all clinical trial models (conventional, hybrid, and decentralized) to increase both patient access and patient diversity.  The use of digital vascular biomarkers using ATCOR’s SphygmoCor® technology combined with the searchable patient searchable platform of Power will enable an innovative approach to benchmark the future of patient recruitment to enhance patient reported outcomes.

Together, ATCOR and Power will shift the paradigm on clinical trial diversity. Personalized access to treatments starts with patient awareness of available clinical trials through Power’s easy to use patient platform. Combined with an enhanced protocol design that includes ATCOR’s essential digital vascular biomarkers for patient-centric screening, a modern holistic model for inclusion/exclusion criteria across populations is established.  Changing the current patient recruitment process requires both patient empowerment and patient-centric screening to build confidence in the clinical trials process across diverse populations.

The “Pulse”, a new medical device from CardieX subsidiary CONNEQT, will provide advanced arterial health metrics to users from the comfort of their own home. Pulse was developed as a primary decentralized clinical trial device enhancing patient-centric screening and monitoring. The Pulse enables any patient anywhere to be part of clinical trials.  Through the use of digital vascular biomarkers in the protocol, the Pulse enables customized patient recruitment to enhance diversity across populations.

Power has introduced an equal access and easy-to-use recruitment platform to empower patients in their discovery of therapeutic areas with personal meaning.  Making clinical trials accessible and inclusive of today’s socio-economic, geographic, and ethnicity disparities enables patient choice and provides an invitation to be part of the advancement in medical research.

“I am excited to partner with Power to advance patient recruitment diversity.  Our ATCOR and Power partnership brings forward tremendous opportunity to push the boundaries of diversity within clinical trials.  We will open doors for patients ‘anywhere’ to have equal access to clinical research and use our digital vascular biomarkers to enhance inclusion/exclusion criteria.” said Toni R. Hofhine, President of CardieX subsidiary ATCOR Medical.

“Advancing underrepresented populations is essential for improving patient reported outcomes.  The ATCOR and Power partnership will expand patient diversity across all clinical trial models, and I am excited to see the combined technologies engage the patient across some of the most challenging areas in medical research.” said Craig Cooper, Group CEO of the CardieX companies.

“Increasing patient access is key to improving representation in clinical research.  Unfortunately, we don’t adequately understand the structural barriers that are often unintentionally exclusionary to people of colour.  I am excited to see our partnership with ATCOR begin to break down some of these barriers.”  Said Brandon Li, Power cofounder.

The Pulse device will be available for healthcare research and clinical trials in the coming months.

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About CardieX:

CardieX is a health technology company focused on devices & solutions for the world’s largest population health disorders. Its ATCOR subsidiary is a world leader in the monitoring of vascular biomarkers for clinical trials and health care research based on the Company’s “gold standard” SphygmoCor® central blood pressure technology. CardieX’s CONNEQT subsidiary develops and markets medical devices, digital solutions, and wearables for home health, remote patient monitoring, and decentralized clinical trials.

CardieX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CDX).

About Power:

Power is the go-to destination for patients learning about clinical trials. We make it easy for patients to find and access leading medical research for their unresolved conditions. Power’s patient recruitment marketplace connects clinical trial sites with interested patients who are looking for trials on our platform. In doing this, Power enables equitable access to clinical trials for all patients.

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