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Beachbody On Demand is a fitness and nutrition powerhouse brand that offers custom workout programs, supplements, shakes and more as part of its robust subscription platform. 645 is one of the newest and increasingly popular Beachbody programs, including 13 weeks of 45-minute workouts six days per week that customers can do in the comfort of their own homes. While this full-body exercise program may prove challenging and requires a serious time commitment, it promises strengthening of both body and mind while helping users achieve their fitness goals. Still, is this Beachbody super trainer-led program all it’s cut out to be, and does it really work?

Our comprehensive review will dive into how 645 Beachbody works, its features, the pros and cons of this program and who it’s best for. We’ll also share how this Beachbody workout stacks up against the competition, which equipment it requires, what customers have to honestly say and whether or not it’s ultimately worth it.

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What is 645 BeachBody?

645 Beachbody is a 13-week workout program created by Beachbody On Demand super trainer Amolia Cesar. The program consists of 13 consecutive weeks of functional training six days a week for 45 minutes each; the seventh day is for rest. It’s available as part of a Beachbody subscription and can be accessed online through the Beachbody website or on the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Each week, the exercises get progressively harder, eventually maxing out in week 13. Every week will follow a schedule that includes classes for lower body strength, total body power, mobility and stability, upper body strength, total body tempo and cardio 45 (or a cardio blast). In 645, the 13 weeks are divided into four phases, and each phase ends with a deload week, in which exercise intensity progressively decreases to avoid overtraining. As the exercises get harder, they’ll increase the number of reps and/or weight being used.

While 645 is a home-based workout, it requires a few pieces of fitness equipment to complete the workouts, some of which you may already have in your home gym. The 645 program also comes with a printable calendar, schedule, dumbbell tracker worksheets and more that help you stay on top of your workouts. Like many newer Beachbody programs, you’ll receive a nutrition guide with tips for healthy eating and recipes. While the nutrition guide isn’t totally necessary to follow, maintaining a healthy diet while exercising can help you better meet your fitness goals. 

What Equipment Do You Need for 645?

Some Beachbody programs, like 9 Week Control Week, require a large array of equipment, but luckily 645 can be done with much less. In fact, if you’re an avid home exerciser and have an established home gym or workout area, you may already have most of the required items.

First and foremost, you’ll need a set of power loops, or fabric resistance bands. Many people actually prefer working out with fabric-based bands, which are made out of cloth as opposed to rubber like the bands used in 80 Day Obsession, another Beachbody strength training fitness program. Power loops made out of fabric tend to be more comfortable and create less friction on the skin, which is crucial when you’re breaking a sweat and you don’t want sticky bands sticking to you (cotton helps absorb sweat and it can also be washed, which is another added bonus). While you can still use rubber resistance loops or bands if you want, we recommend investing in fabric power loops to help make your 645 workouts more comfortable.

Next, you’ll need a range of dumbbells and/or lighter weights, depending on your fitness level and how much weight you prefer to lift. You may want a combination of the two to give you more variety for strength training portions of the 645 program, plus you’ll start lifting more weight as you get closer to week 13 and increase your body strength. Adjustable dumbbells are another option, since 645 moves at a lower pace (therefore, giving you time to adjust weight as needed). Although we still recommend individual dumbbells or lighter weights for most people, especially when it comes to exercises that incorporate swinging motions.

While a quality foam mat isn’t 100 percent necessary for 645 workouts, we recommend having one on hand. When exercising, this will protect your floor from things like weights and prevent you from slipping or sliding, which will prevent injury. Even though a traditional yoga mat might do, a foam mat will provide you with more cushioning. There are also some bonus workouts that may require a mat, as well as a pull-up bar, foam roller or Beachbody Control Track, which is a resistance kit that can be attached to your door or wall. The key word here is bonus, however, so if you don’t want to invest in these extra items, you can still complete the full 645 workout regimen without skimping on required workouts.

Be sure to give yourself enough space to exercise, too, so you can better maintain proper form and have enough room to fully do various workouts. Ideally, you’ll want five feet on either side of you for both cardio workouts and strength training exercises. You’ll also want enough space to set up a device to stream your 645 workout on, whether that’s through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Since Beachbody On Demand is an online workout program, it offers its own fitness app for subscribers that you can access anytime, anywhere, as long as you have data or WiFI.

Lastly, be sure to wear quality gym or training shoes while exercising to protect your feet, as well as comfortable workout clothes that you can do both cardio and strength training exercises in. If you don’t have the necessary equipment at home, you can buy equipment and accessories on the Beachbody website, but you’ll most likely find better deals and variety if you buy on Amazon.

The Pros of 645 BeachBody

645 beachbody

The biggest pro of 645 Beachbody is its intense focus on functional fitness. Functional fitness is a type of strength training that essentially makes it easier for your body to do everyday activities, from basic to complex. The program prepares you for simple movements you might not think about often, such as bending to pick up your groceries or loading your car for a weekend hike, which can cause a lot of pain if not done correctly. For 645 participants, boosting functional strength can be a benefit that reaches far beyond the program.

645 also steadily builds its intensity, so you’re not thrown for a curveball during your first performance week. Instead, each episode–and subsequent week–gets harder and harder, upping the number of reps and weight as you advance to more challenging exercises. By the time week 13 rolls around, you’re ready to go all out during your final performance week.

Then there’s the total-body focus. Not only does 645 help you strengthen your lower body, upper body and core, it aims to build muscle and improve mobility throughout your entire bod as one big unit, preparing you for those daily life tasks that rely so heavily on functionality. You can expect to work out your glutes, arms, legs and abs, but at a slower cadence that devotes time to each individual muscle group. 645 is never rushed, but rather keeps a focus on your form.

We also enjoy 645 Beachbody for its extended warmup period, which really does help loosen your body up before jumping into cardio, resistance or strength training exercises. Studies prove that warming up before exercising can significantly decrease your risk of injury, and 645 makes it a point to not only alleviate this risk, but teach participants how to warm up and cool down.

Lastly, there’s the 645 cast itself. You can truly expect to have a good time following the 645 program, and the hilarious cast members will probably get several laughs out of you by the time you reach your final workouts in week 13. Viewers also get a chance to listen to the dialogue between Cesar and other cast members, who ask questions about things like form. These conversations can be extremely helpful in learning form and how to properly do each exercise.

The Cons of 645 BeachBody

There aren’t many cons to 645 Beachbody, and most of them are simply a matter of personal preference. The biggest con of the 645 program is that it moves at a slower pace, so if you like fast-paced workouts that keep you on edge from start to finish, you may not enjoy 645. There’s also a lot of conversation amongst the cast members, so again, if that’s something that might bother you, then 645 might not be as enjoyable as other comparable programs.

Lastly, price might be a con for some, since access to 645 hangs on getting a Beachbody subscription. For a basic membership, you’ll spend almost $120 a year, and the price goes up if you add extra features, such as BoDi live classes. Still, Beachbody offers a 14-day trial period so you can always test the waters before committing.

Who 645 BeachBody Is Best For

645 Beachbody is equally good for most men and women, and while Beachbody claims that its program is suitable for home exercisers from intermediate to advanced levels, we think that even beginners will be able to participate without falling behind; you can also follow 645 modifications as needed if something is too challenging. Don’t forget that 645 Beachbody slowly builds in intensity, meaning you can ramp up with the program without feeling lost on week one.

645 Beachbody is best for folks who have enough time (and physical space) to complete the program. This exercise regimen does require a serious time commitment, so you want to be sure that there’s room in your schedule to exercise for 45 minutes six times per week, over the course of 13 consecutive weeks. It’s also important to enjoy both cardio and strength training exercises, since 645 Beachbody combines the two (some people, for example, only like cardio).

Who 645 BeachBody Is Not Best For

If you’re not able to commit to exercising six days a week for 45 minutes at a time throughout a 13 week program, you may want to steer clear of 645 Beachbody. This program does require a major time commitment and results hang on completing the program as suggested. Still, don’t worry. There are plenty of other personal training apps you can try if 645 isn’t right for you.

645 also might not be a good fit if you prefer going to a traditional gym, or if you enjoy more of a community feel. While your 645 workouts will be trainer-led with a full cast, you’ll be working out on your own at home (unless you team up with a friend or family member). If you have trouble lifting weights due to an injury or other concern, you might want to consider a program that’s all or mostly cardio, since 645 does combine a mix of cardio workouts and strength training.

What Signing Up for 645 Is Like

645 beachbody2

Signing up for 645 is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll want to purchase a Beachbody On Demand subscription. You can do so through one of three standard pricing tiers, or by buying one of Beachbody’s larger 645 value bundles that include an annual Beachbody subscription (which nets you access to 645, among other programs), accessories, Shakeology superfood shakes, nutrition plans and/or other bonus goodies. Depending on your interests, there are also various challenge packs and performance packs that include different assortments of items. Once you have an active subscription, you can simply log on to Beachbody and head to 645.

The 645 Team

Leading the 645 Beachbody program is Beachbody On Demand super trainer Amolia Cesar. He’s a fan-favorite trainer amongst the Beachbody community who also trains VIP stars and celebrities. Beachbody customers enjoy his energetic, motivating personality, which includes a dash of humor to add some lightness to some otherwise serious workouts. In addition to 645, Cesar is also the creator behind 6 Weeks of The Work, an intense functional training program.

Joining Cesar are a number of additional cast members who help elevate the program. These cast members rotate out between episodes, so you can expect to see different faces throughout the 645 Beachbody experience. There’s Manny, who customers love for his endless jokes; Cassandra, who is highly motivational; Jordan, who teaches how to build muscle and more. There’s also a modifier in every workout that you can follow for beginner-friendly exercises.

What Customers Say About 645

Customers praise 645 Beachbody as being a “complete solution” that has mobility, stretching, cardio and functional exercises. It’s designed to help your body move in the way it’s supposed to, which customers point out as a major benefit of the workout program. Users also enjoy the diversity of the workouts, which despite taking place six days a week for the same amount of time are fairly different from one another (for example, a sample workout schedule may contain one day of cardio 45, while another day will focus on upper body strength). 645 comes with a nutrition guide as well to help maximize weight loss, and while these nutrition programs from Beachbody aren’t totally necessary to follow, customers like them for the extra motivation.

Then, there are the drawbacks to 645. Some workout reviews complain that there is too much talking amongst the 645 Beachbody coaches, which takes away from the workout experience. Other customers complain that despite speeding up after the initial warmup (which alone can take anywhere from eight to 15 minutes), 645 exercises are simply much too slow. If you’re looking for something fast-paced, 645 probably isn’t for you, because this workout program homes in on practicing and using total body form and functionality, as opposed to simply breaking a sweat.

Is 645 BeachBody Worth It?

Yes, our bottom line is that 645 Beachbody—and ultimately, a Beachbody On Demand subscription—is worth it. While this workout program moves at a slower pace, it focuses on developing the whole body and practicing form and functionality, which is not something we see very often in other online fitness programs. We enjoy 645 for its diverse cast and exercises that include a healthy mix of cardio, strength and resistance training, and we especially appreciate the weekly rest day to relax our muscles. Still, even with its slower pace, 645 is rigid enough to keep you moving, and we appreciate the challenge of pushing ourselves for 13 straight weeks.


Here’s everything else there is to know about 645 Beachbody.

645 vs Insanity Max:30?

Insanity Max:30 is a Beachbody program led by super trainer Shaun T that pushes people to work out as hard as they can for 30 minutes each day for 60 consecutive days straight. Unlike 645, Insanity Max:30 requires no equipment, but rather a steadfast commitment to exercising daily; you can expect to use your own body as resistance. While this program is on the more intensive side, it does encourage breaks as long as the 30 minutes of daily exercise are met.

Although Insanity Max:30 is equipment-free, exercising every day doesn’t give you time to rest, which is important for both relaxing and strengthening your muscles. It also moves at a much faster pace than 645, which may be a pro or con depending on how you prefer to workout. Plus, hitting 60 consecutive days of exercise is a lofty goal, especially if you have other commitments like work, family or school that might not give you enough time to squeeze in daily exercise.

All in all, we find 645 to be the stronger program (no pun intended) thanks to its more relaxed pace, rest days and gradual buildup of intensity. Insanity Max:30 goes hard from the get-go, while 645 steadily gets more difficult week after week. 645 is also good for beginners or first time exercisers, while Insanity Max:30 is a more advanced workout that those just entering their fitness journey may find too difficult. Still, that doesn’t mean 645 is easy—even pros can get a challenge from it, since you can modify your workout as needed to make it more difficult.

How much is the 645 program?

In order to access the 645 program, you’ll need to sign up for a Beachbody On Demand subscription. These subscriptions vary in price depending on how many months you sign up for. Currently, Beachbody is offering a one-year plan for $9.99 per month, a six-month plan for $14.99 per month and a three-month plan for $24.99 per month. The longer the plan you choose, the more you’ll save on the monthly price, and you can often take advantage of additional promotions that knock down Beachbody subscription costs even further.

After you purchase a subscription, you won’t have to pay extra to use 645 since it’ll be included in your package. However, Beachbody offers an optional 645 accessories bundle for $59.95 that includes a Get Started guide, calendar, dumbbell tracker, power loops and free access to a personal coach. Buying this bundle isn’t necessary, however, especially if you have power loops at home and won’t benefit from the other items included. At this time, Beachbody On Demand doesn’t sell its workout programs outside of its subscription, so you can’t purchase 645 alone.

Will you get in shape in 21 days with 645?

If you follow the 645 Beachbody program as planned, and you fully commit to your workouts, you may see some results after 21 days of using 645, such as weight loss or increased body power. However, studies conclude that most results from continuous exercise occur between eight to 16 weeks of regular training, so you can expect to see peak results at the end of the program.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that everybody is different. Depending on your fitness level, overall health, metabolism, diet and other personal traits, your results and how much you get in shape may vary. Therefore, try not to compare your results to others (even though it can be tempting) and focus more on whether or not you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

How long is the 645 program?

The 645 program is 13 weeks long, or just under three months. Each week includes six days of exercises that run 45 minutes each. The seventh day of each week is used as a rest day.

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